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Roubaix is one of the larget cities of the North of France
located in the region Hauts de France
The city is part of the departement Nord (59).
Roubaix is part of the Metrople Européenne de Lille (MEL).
The border with Belgium is at a few km.

The town has know significant groth
during the Industrial Revolution
mainly due to it's textile industry.
Since the 1960s Roubaix has also suffered from deindustrialisation.

La Redoute and 3Suisses were born in Roubaix.
La Redoute has organised a beautiful birthday party
for the 150th years of Levis
at Cremerie de Paris, birthplace of the Phone Book of the World
who edits Visit Roubaix.
The internet company OVH that hosts the website Visit`
was created in Roubaix 1999.

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Roubaix is also known for
La Piscine Museum

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